Thursday, January 8, 2009

Newly launched MSI X-Slim 320

In the CES 2009, to be held in Las Vegas from January 8, MSI will once again capture the world’s eyes with its prolific R&D and designs. In addition to introducing the whole new U-series models, MSI will launch the new All-In-One Wind NetOn models and MSI’s first dual-core Atom All-In-One models. G-series notebooks, the first series surmounting 10000 points on 3Dmark, will also be exhibited. With such a strong cast, MSI will successfully become the focus on the international stage once again.

Following the popular MSI Wind Netbooks, U100 and U90, MSI will introduce some more portable netbook in CES, including MSI U115 Hybrid, and will also announce that MSI U120 is “WiMAX Ready”. Moreover the first netbook capable of running SSD/HDD simultaneously, and MSI X-Slim Series X320, the 13” super portable notebook of just about 1.3 kg

Newly launched MSI X-Slim 320 super portable notebook shows off its slim figure of about 1.3kg!

The newly launched, super portable notebook, MSI X-Slim Series X320, is certain to capture market’s interest. While the MSI X320 is equipped with the latest Intel platform and a 13.4” display with an optimized 16:9 screen, it only weights just about 1.3 kg and is absolutely your perfect mobile partner.

Not only light, the X320 is also very “thin”. The overall thickness is as small as 1.98 cm, with the thinnest part being only 6 mm. In addition to its lightness and thinness, the X320 also features an excellent battery life in 4 cell or 8 cell battery lasts up to 10 hours. Such an outstanding capability will impress the international market for sure.

In addition to its outstanding capability and excellent performance, the stylish design and fashionable look contributes to X320’s attraction. Its chic and elegant appearance and slim-line shape, together with the Champagne gold, the noble elegance of pearl white or even high-tech stylish black, make it consumers’ dream notebook.

Perusahaan MSI, yang terinspirasi dari desain notebook Macbook Air, sebelum Ces 2009 diumumkan ultrathin (tebal 6-19,8 mm, berat 1,3 kg) Slim Model X-320.

MSI x-tipis 320_1

Baru, yang berlaku, menghilangkan pesawat antara netbukamy dan laptop. Baru dilengkapi dengan prosesor Intel Atom Z530 1,6 GHz, layar 13,4 inci dengan resolusi 1366 × 768 piksel. Selain itu, built-in modul untuk jaringan 3.5G dan kurangnya hal untuk optical discs dapat sebut netbukom.

MSI x-tipis 320_2

MSI x-tipis 320_3

MSI x-tipis 320_4

Menariknya, netbuk pertama ini, yang menggunakan Intel Atom dan komunikasi nVidia Ion. X-Slim 320 postavlyatymetsya dari 4. 8-elemen baterai, waktu kerja otonom dalam kasus yang kedua adalah sekitar 10 jam. Sisa dari netbuka cukup standar: ke RAM 2 GB, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, 3 USB port, slot kartu memori, Ethernet dan VGA-out. Penjualan X-Slim 320 muncul di kuartal kedua 2009 dari pada biaya sekitar $ 800.


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