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A True Story, A Lion called Christian

Christian The Lion, proving that the lion has the same feelings as humans. Having memory, affection, love, nostalgia, and loyalty. This phenomenon had horrendous animal experts in the '70s. They never thought that vicious animal which is equipped with an instinct to kill, could have a memory of his past and can control the killing of human instincts, which in fact is considered an enemy by almost all wild creatures.

Christian, is a lion who become victims of crime poacher who then traded on the blackmarket. While the fate of the mother or brother Christian is not known, whether they are also caught, killed or sold.

In 1969, Anthony "Ace" Bourke and John Rendall, two friends, surprised to find a 6 month-old lion cub at Harrods store animals who are lonely. Lion baby's condition was really pathetic. The small lion locked inside a very small bars. Hoarse voice touched the hearts of the little lion is the second young man and then they buy it and give Christian names to the baby lion. The three of them finally live in a house in London. They were treated like a friend Christian. They play ball together, eat together, watch together and walk together. They became three figures an inseparable companions.

John, Anthony and Christian. Moments Together

Until finally, 9 months have passed.
Christian has been transformed into an adult lion and their small home environment is not suitable anymore for the Christian to run around freely just as he had little time first. Coupled with an anxious and frightened neighbors saw the figure of a huge male lion running around their environment. Although sad, Anthony and John decided to restore the Christian to Kenya, Africa, under the supervision of a wild animal expert to restore the Christian nature of the "friend of man" into a wild animal. If not, Chris will not be able to survive in the wild.

John And Anthony Accompany Christian, Moments Will Separated

Over the past few months in quarantine at the African Christian, Christian experts minimize contacts with humans, especially with their owners.
During that time, says watchdog, Christian looked gloomy and sad. Again and again he roared hoarsely, may summon both employers as well as his friend, John and Anthony. Although John and Anthony would like to see Christian, but experts will be banned, because it was feared by keahdiran they would both hinder the process of natural instinct as an animal wild lion-free and malignant.

Finally, Christian managed to find his true identity as a male lion.
He also released free kealam although still monitored by experts. Initially, Christian gets difficult to determine the territory and make the herd, because some areas are already occupied by another male lion and the lioness, of course, been dominated by the male lion. Christian need flock. Because a lion can not survive without a flock. Typically, in one herd consists of at least three lions, one male two female. Because in the herd may only be led by a male lion. The stronger the male lion, it will more and more other lioness who joined the herd.Therefore, the young male lion will go out of their group and formed his own group of other region.

This is the first problem that must be faced by a Christian.
He must form groups to survive. Because, lions can not hunt if it was alone. The hunt for what they do is always in the form of a compact group cooperation. The lioness duty to pursue and make tired of the prey, if prey is exhausted then the male lion will perform the final action to terminate the life of the prey by biting the neck of the prey to death or the term "finishing touch".The greater the number of lions in one herd, the greater the size of their prey. Such as rhinos, elephants, bison and others.

Therefore, John and Anthony are very worried about Christian.
Because there is rarely the male lion will die in a fight to obtain or maintain the area or herd with another male lion, or be slain by their hunted prey. If a male lion does not care and attack the prey not on time (the prey has not been exhausted), then no doubt a male lion will die in the rock to rock when its prey to rebel when his neck bitten by the male lion, trampled or even attacked behind by the prey.

However, the reports they received from the overseer showed positive developments achieved by the Christian.
Christian managed to get the herd and he even managed to become chairman flock in large numbers. Christian development is a little comforting John and Anthony. However, they could not stem their nostalgia to their best friend this.

After a year they split up, John and Anthony finally decided to visit Christian in Africa.Expert lion and management of protected forests in Africa said that the Christian has to live with other lions and became wild.
And management of protected forests also said that Christian would not recognize John Rendall and Anthony. They all forbid them to meet with Christian, because the lion would not remember them anymore and of course will result in the death of both of them. But Anthony and John do not care. They believe, ties of friendship that exists between the three of them very deep. Christian will not attack them. Christian must continue to remember them both.

Finally, John and Anthony went to the forest of Africa and many hours looking for Christian.
One of their friends interested in this event and participate with them to record this meeting. Will this meeting will be an advanced disaster for Anthony and John or Christian was still able to recall them?

After hours of searching, they finally find a Christian in nearby mountainous areas.Friend John and Anthony who recorded this incident strained to hold his breath when he saw a large male lion who ran down the rocks there and ran towards them.
Only John and Anthony are being relaxed and smiling broadly as if to welcome their old friend.

In accordance with the allegations of John and Anthony, Christian does not forget them.Christian looks so happy to see two human faces which she loved.
Christian took turns hugging and kissing the face of John and Anthony insistently as his habit when he was a child. The three close friends that they finally meet again and mingle with each other for hours and then split up again.

Letting Go Fly, We Meet Again

When John and Anthony returned to visit Christian a few months later, Christian even brings one of his wife and introduce it to them both.
And miraculously, Christian couples who had been born as a true lion who never associated with humans look cool and be spoiled-spoiled even contributed to Anthony and John as that of Christian.

It makes the experts and British society was shocked amazement.
Seeing the emotions and reactions of this Christian. They did not expect a lion which has been separated more than a year and has become wild and ferocious lion appropriate nature will be able to be "warm" and longing to two people, a former employer who only spend time with her 9-month.

True Friendship between human and animal

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